Thursday, November 20, 2008

Toto, We Aren't in Kansas Anymore

We've been on this bus for 30 hours and in no way is that depressing. We've crossed 6 states, watched 9 movies, eaten 17 boxes of pizza that still remain on the bus, downed 4 coolers of liquids, played 11 different obnoxious games, sang songs, "rocked" the bus (literally), and even stopped for a team snapshot at the California state line.

As the sun went down and we neared the Francescon household, a stench crept onto the bus. After remaining for 5 minutes without reprieve, we concluded the awful stench had to be Governor Schwarzenegger's B.O.

Our large bus FINALLY rolled into a cul-de-sac where the Francescon family greeted us excitedly. They had even made a huge sign on their garage reading, "Welcome to California Lady Ravens!" We ate a delicious home cooked meal which was a treat after packaged snacks and pizza. All the girls loved the Italian meal, as evidenced by Kim Minnick's exclamation, "The sausage was good!"

After dinner we went absolutely bonkers, releasing some extremely pent up energy. This involved a rousing game of tether ball, knockout, scooters, hula hooping, and even running around the yard with their dog Rocky. It was absolutely necessary!

An enormous THANK YOU to the entire Francescon family! We felt so welcome and it couldn't have been better.

We're now settled at the hotel ready to get a good night sleep. You stay classy San Diego!


Amanda said...

You ladies are awesome. I will be being your superfan all the way over here in Atchi. I wish you girls the best of luck. I know you all can do it. Love you gals.

California Girl said...

I hope you're going to the beach tomorrow--do you know which one?

My daughter, a freshman this year at BC, graduated from a small Catholic school here in San Marcos. My other 3 kids still go there. Would any of the team like to stop by and talk to our seniors about the school? If so, our principal, Miss Carol Kewell, would love to hear from you.

St. Joseph Academy
500 Las Flores Dr.
San Marcos CA

Stephanie said...

Sounds like quite an adventure. Thanks so much for keeping us updated through your blog - it's great! Good luck Saturday and remember there are hundreds of people back here cheering you on - I'm sure if you listen very carefully you can hear us.

We love you all!

We miss you Kelsey!

ann I am said...

Oh, so you are Off the Road now. Hopefully everyone will get a good rest and you'll be ready to take on the whole state of Cali.
Good Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK LADIES! Whitney and Courtney's family in Mid-Missouri are all cheering you on. Bring home a win!

Harry-Mary said...

Hi Ravens,

We are still proud of you and your great soccer year. We love all of you and congratulate you on all your fine talent. We welcome you back to the Midwest.

Grandpa & Grandma Schieber

Hi granddaughter Kelsey.