Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Dark Night and Morning Delight

Hey peoples!

As darkness fell upon the Earth the Lady Ravens began their slumber. Strewn about the bus they shoved themselves into every nook and crany in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain childlike slumber riddled with dreams of sandy beaches and warm California sunshine. Feet up, feet down, even on the ground, Ravens were everywhere to be found. But don't worry, we were still safe!

After hours of tossing and turning the team awoke to the emerging sun of the dusty orange New Mexican plateaus and the welcoming aroma of syrup and hashbrowns as they galloped into Gallup, New Mexico for the always delicious American dream: McDonald's. Supersize me, please. After they satiated their breakfast needs with McMuffins, biscuits, and pancakes galore, the Lady Ravens still wanted more. "12 more hours" to San Diego according to their friendly McDonald's cashier.

Though this estimation was more than the Ravens anticipated, the phrase "Too Legit to Quit" entered their minds and they voyaged on into Arizona. We'll keep truckin down Route 66 to arrive in California where we'll get our kicks. Oh snap! LJ is sleeping with one eye open, gotta go take pictures.