Monday, November 24, 2008

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Hey gang,

Well, it's Monday and the Lady Ravens are back in Atchison, Kansas. We arrived at 2 am this morning...and it was much anticipated. The ride home seemed to take forever, as if the time-space continuum had us in its evil grip.

Although the ride was a little rough, the trip to California was a marvelous time indeed. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the warm sunshine, and the cool water. Much thanks to Cal State-San Marcos! They were great hosts with a hint of healthy competitiveness. The game was a good match between two quality teams, and although we lost 2-0, there was good sportsmanship on both sides. Congratulations to the ladies of San Marcos and good luck in the remainder of the National Tournament.

Thanks again to Hannah's family, the Francescon's, for making us delicious dinner, letting us go crazy in their backyard, hooking us up with In-and-Out gift cards, and giving Hannah enough chocolate and pomegranates to "go on a picnic for a family of seven" (quoted from LJ).

Finally, we want to thank all our faithful fans, who were with us in spirit all the way on the West Coast. It is humbling to think about all the support we received from the Benedictine family. We love you all so much and really do appreciate all you SUPERfans!

Ladies, it was a great history-making season.

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Timu32 said...

I has been a great season and everyone of you should be very proud of your gorwth and accomplishments. I know I have had a super great time follow along for the ride this year. Congrats and I am all ready for Florida next season.
Good Job!!!!!!!!!