Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Send off from BC

Hey Raven fans!

It's Whit and Ellen coming at you from the RAVEN bus! We want to thank everyone who participated in the send off earlier this afternoon. A very special thanks to President Steve Minnis and his wife Amy and SGA for helping to organize the event. Every team member received Benedictine flipflops and a waterbottle from Amy. Those sure will come in handy when we are chillin on the beach! The BC Drumline also "played" (pun intended) their part in the send off by laying down some wicked cool beats and helping to pump us up for the long journey ahead. Every Raven present at the send off then gathered around the "B" in the middle of the circle drive in front of the Haverty Center. Then Fr.Brendan lead us in prayer. And don't worry...5,6,5,6,7,8 we sang the Raven fight song.

It was so neat to look across the circle and see the smiling faces of people who completely support us. It really reaffirmed for us that BC is a great community and that we truly are a family. We rolled out of campus to the sound off horns honking and fans cheering.

A couple of movies into the trip we stopped at the El Dorado rest area and met a fellow Raven's grandpa. Rudy Sanchez: no wonder you look so good! It's crazy cool how far the BC Raven network reaches.

Well we're about to go play Catch Phrase, so check back later for the exciting happenings of the BC Lady Ravens soccer team!

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Timu32 said...

Hey Ravens, I heard that the team is going to In and Out Burger when it arrives in California. I have be told this place is awesome. I want to go there and check out these great burgers, so please let me know when the team plans to eat there so I can enjoy.