Monday, November 24, 2008

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Hey gang,

Well, it's Monday and the Lady Ravens are back in Atchison, Kansas. We arrived at 2 am this morning...and it was much anticipated. The ride home seemed to take forever, as if the time-space continuum had us in its evil grip.

Although the ride was a little rough, the trip to California was a marvelous time indeed. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the warm sunshine, and the cool water. Much thanks to Cal State-San Marcos! They were great hosts with a hint of healthy competitiveness. The game was a good match between two quality teams, and although we lost 2-0, there was good sportsmanship on both sides. Congratulations to the ladies of San Marcos and good luck in the remainder of the National Tournament.

Thanks again to Hannah's family, the Francescon's, for making us delicious dinner, letting us go crazy in their backyard, hooking us up with In-and-Out gift cards, and giving Hannah enough chocolate and pomegranates to "go on a picnic for a family of seven" (quoted from LJ).

Finally, we want to thank all our faithful fans, who were with us in spirit all the way on the West Coast. It is humbling to think about all the support we received from the Benedictine family. We love you all so much and really do appreciate all you SUPERfans!

Ladies, it was a great history-making season.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Hey guys!

We had a great day in Cali. Our training on the beach was magnificent. We went on a leisurely barefoot jog along the Moonlight shore, followed by juggling, passing, dribbling, and a heading contest (EWright and Katie G were victorious). Never thought we’d train in the sand in November. It was super fun! After training, a group of thrill-seekers spontaneously rode some waves and enjoyed the California tide, with some swallowed salt water on the side.

After lunch and some light shopping, we said good-bye to the beach and headed for practice at Cal-State’s campus. We watched the sunset as practice came to an abrupt end at 4:59 pm. Dinner was at a lovely Restaurante de Mexico, i.e. Las Olas (The Waves for you non-Spanish speaking folk). Needless to say, it was a really fun-filled day in the sun.

We gotta get some sleep, cause tomorrow, “It’s game day, baby.” Links to the live stats can be found on Benedictine’s website for kickoff at 2:00 pm PST (4:00 CST). GO RAVENS!

Breakfast at the Mariott

Yo Yo!

We woke up this morning in a comfy bed, and it was glorious. We got all dolled up in our Midwest attire for an opening breakfast with the ladies of Cal State-San Marcos. Over omlettles and strawberries, the coaches each introduced their teams with corny jokes and awkward laughs a plenty.

We are headed for the beach to "train," not sure what Lincoln has in mind, but with him it's bound to be a good time. After lunch we plan to practice on their game field, followed by a night out on the town.

Hope everyone back in the Midwest is enjoying the freezing temperatures, coats, and scarves. We are rocking the flops, shorts, and sunscreen.

We will grab some seashells on the beach...check ya later!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Toto, We Aren't in Kansas Anymore

We've been on this bus for 30 hours and in no way is that depressing. We've crossed 6 states, watched 9 movies, eaten 17 boxes of pizza that still remain on the bus, downed 4 coolers of liquids, played 11 different obnoxious games, sang songs, "rocked" the bus (literally), and even stopped for a team snapshot at the California state line.

As the sun went down and we neared the Francescon household, a stench crept onto the bus. After remaining for 5 minutes without reprieve, we concluded the awful stench had to be Governor Schwarzenegger's B.O.

Our large bus FINALLY rolled into a cul-de-sac where the Francescon family greeted us excitedly. They had even made a huge sign on their garage reading, "Welcome to California Lady Ravens!" We ate a delicious home cooked meal which was a treat after packaged snacks and pizza. All the girls loved the Italian meal, as evidenced by Kim Minnick's exclamation, "The sausage was good!"

After dinner we went absolutely bonkers, releasing some extremely pent up energy. This involved a rousing game of tether ball, knockout, scooters, hula hooping, and even running around the yard with their dog Rocky. It was absolutely necessary!

An enormous THANK YOU to the entire Francescon family! We felt so welcome and it couldn't have been better.

We're now settled at the hotel ready to get a good night sleep. You stay classy San Diego!

The Dark Night and Morning Delight

Hey peoples!

As darkness fell upon the Earth the Lady Ravens began their slumber. Strewn about the bus they shoved themselves into every nook and crany in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain childlike slumber riddled with dreams of sandy beaches and warm California sunshine. Feet up, feet down, even on the ground, Ravens were everywhere to be found. But don't worry, we were still safe!

After hours of tossing and turning the team awoke to the emerging sun of the dusty orange New Mexican plateaus and the welcoming aroma of syrup and hashbrowns as they galloped into Gallup, New Mexico for the always delicious American dream: McDonald's. Supersize me, please. After they satiated their breakfast needs with McMuffins, biscuits, and pancakes galore, the Lady Ravens still wanted more. "12 more hours" to San Diego according to their friendly McDonald's cashier.

Though this estimation was more than the Ravens anticipated, the phrase "Too Legit to Quit" entered their minds and they voyaged on into Arizona. We'll keep truckin down Route 66 to arrive in California where we'll get our kicks. Oh snap! LJ is sleeping with one eye open, gotta go take pictures.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Send off from BC

Hey Raven fans!

It's Whit and Ellen coming at you from the RAVEN bus! We want to thank everyone who participated in the send off earlier this afternoon. A very special thanks to President Steve Minnis and his wife Amy and SGA for helping to organize the event. Every team member received Benedictine flipflops and a waterbottle from Amy. Those sure will come in handy when we are chillin on the beach! The BC Drumline also "played" (pun intended) their part in the send off by laying down some wicked cool beats and helping to pump us up for the long journey ahead. Every Raven present at the send off then gathered around the "B" in the middle of the circle drive in front of the Haverty Center. Then Fr.Brendan lead us in prayer. And don't worry...5,6,5,6,7,8 we sang the Raven fight song.

It was so neat to look across the circle and see the smiling faces of people who completely support us. It really reaffirmed for us that BC is a great community and that we truly are a family. We rolled out of campus to the sound off horns honking and fans cheering.

A couple of movies into the trip we stopped at the El Dorado rest area and met a fellow Raven's grandpa. Rudy Sanchez: no wonder you look so good! It's crazy cool how far the BC Raven network reaches.

Well we're about to go play Catch Phrase, so check back later for the exciting happenings of the BC Lady Ravens soccer team!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What this Blog is About

Follow along with the Lady Ravens soccer team as they make their run through the NAIA Women's Soccer National Championship Tournament.

First stop, a 22-plus hour road trip to San Marcos, Calif.

Lady Ravens Whitney Danze and Ellen Parker will log in on the road trip to keep everyone up to date on how their road trip is going.