Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Hey guys!

We had a great day in Cali. Our training on the beach was magnificent. We went on a leisurely barefoot jog along the Moonlight shore, followed by juggling, passing, dribbling, and a heading contest (EWright and Katie G were victorious). Never thought we’d train in the sand in November. It was super fun! After training, a group of thrill-seekers spontaneously rode some waves and enjoyed the California tide, with some swallowed salt water on the side.

After lunch and some light shopping, we said good-bye to the beach and headed for practice at Cal-State’s campus. We watched the sunset as practice came to an abrupt end at 4:59 pm. Dinner was at a lovely Restaurante de Mexico, i.e. Las Olas (The Waves for you non-Spanish speaking folk). Needless to say, it was a really fun-filled day in the sun.

We gotta get some sleep, cause tomorrow, “It’s game day, baby.” Links to the live stats can be found on Benedictine’s website for kickoff at 2:00 pm PST (4:00 CST). GO RAVENS!


Donna Finazzo said...

Love the pictures! Could you not train in bathing suits?

I have a favor to ask; Ellen, could you ask your mom or Whitney could you ask your parents to call me at halftime? Please. My number is 816-678-4477. So hard to be back in KC looking at stats coming across a laptop.

Good luck! I'll see you all in Daytona!!!!!

Supple gang said...

Good morning Ravens!
WOW, what a trip. The pictures say it all. Just Tear them up today, take care of business and then you can think about swimming in both oceans within two weeks!
We are behind you!
The Supple gang

Mama Nat said...

Love the pictures too!! Good luck today! Love you all, Mama Nat and Big Jim

Harry-Mary said...

Go Ravens,
We are ruiting for you back here in Missouri. Go get them. Be tough and keep that ball moving. We know you all can do it. Make it a big win.......we know you will like the Florida weather too. Kelsey, Grandpa & Grandma Schieber wish we could be there. We send our love.
Grandpa & Grandma Sch

DHPJ said...

The BC fans from St. Louis are pumped. We have one window open on the blog and another open on the CSUSM site to track the game as we don our BC Superfan apparel and wait for the game to start. It's kind of like tail gating in the den! We love you guys and are so happy for you. Play hard, have fun, and kick some you know what today. Go BC Ravens!!!

DHPJ said...

Well, the game has ended now and the 2-0 result wasn't what we hoped for. Still, you should all be proud of your accomplishments. Gpa says "We are very-very proud of them any way. What a season. For them to play the way they did the last 3 games of the season & then the long bus ride, they can hold their heads up high." Let's continue to build on the great success of the last few years and get even further next year. Congratulations on a GREAT season.

David said...


Welcome to California and congrats on a game and season well played.

My daughter is a freshman this year and being a native Californian (and living in San Diego county) it's pretty cool that you ladies made it out to our neck of the woods.

If you're looking for a great parish to celebrate Sunday Mass may I humbly recommend St. Margaret of Scotland in Oceanside ( where Sunday Liturgy is celebrated "by the book"! 1st Mass is at 8:30am.

For a feel of what you can expect you can check out father's homilies at

Hope to see you all at St. Margaret's. If not, have a safe trip back to Atchison.

Donna Finazzo said...

Ladies, congratulations on a Great Season. Hope each and everyone of you are as proud as I am. Thank you for an EXCITING season.

California Girl said...


I called my daughter Rachel (Golden) just before the game--she asked me to say "Hi" to you from her, and to tell you that "Everyone misses you back here".

Though I met your parents, I didn't have a chance to talk to you, so I'm delivering her message here.

I'm glad you all got to come out to California and enjoy some of our sunshine. Thanks for an exciting game!