Friday, November 21, 2008

Breakfast at the Mariott

Yo Yo!

We woke up this morning in a comfy bed, and it was glorious. We got all dolled up in our Midwest attire for an opening breakfast with the ladies of Cal State-San Marcos. Over omlettles and strawberries, the coaches each introduced their teams with corny jokes and awkward laughs a plenty.

We are headed for the beach to "train," not sure what Lincoln has in mind, but with him it's bound to be a good time. After lunch we plan to practice on their game field, followed by a night out on the town.

Hope everyone back in the Midwest is enjoying the freezing temperatures, coats, and scarves. We are rocking the flops, shorts, and sunscreen.

We will grab some seashells on the beach...check ya later!


Mama Nat said...

I am glad you are enjoying the sunny California weather! You are missing some nice weather (13 degress this morning) in G-Town. Good luck girls and I will be wearing ALL of my Raven clothing tomorrow. Remember P.O. (Positive imaging)! Ask Carissa about that sometime. Love Mama Nat

Mama Nat said...

Sorry that is P.I. for Positive Imaging (not P.O.). GO RAVENS!! Love Mama Nat and Big Jim says "Caw, Caw"

Nick said...

Just a bit of food for thought. The first Benedictine Raven men's soccer team to qualify for the National Tournament, had a Finazzo on the roster. The first Lady Raven Soccer team to qualify for the National Tournament, has a Finazzo on the roster. Supernatural forces may be at work here!

Amanda said...

I am wearing my superfan shirt tomorrow and cheering you on all the way from hear in A-town. I know you ladies can bring home a win. GO LADY RAVENS!!!!!